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Trail Construction  Larry Meyer  (616) 706-6924 lkmeyer@zoho.com
Kiosk and Road Crossing Signage  Larry Meyer  (616) 706-6924 lkmeyer@zoho.com
Schoolhouse Maintenance  Charles Chandler  (231) 689-0174 amt3866.2007@gmail.com
Kent County
Trail Development and
Landowner Contacts
 Jim Bradley  (616) 308-6653 jimbradley1033@gmail.com
Hospitality  Dianne Taylor-Chandler  (231) 689-0174 or (231) 245-8455 dtayinmi@att.net
Hike Planning/Leading  Ted Mauger  (616) 676-0208 tmauger@hotmail.com
Communications  Beth Keloneva  (231) 215-3552 bkeloneva@gmail.com
Membership  Beth Keloneva  (231) 215-3552 bkeloneva@gmail.com

We're thinking big but realistically as your Board of Directors establishes 2011's goals for the Western Michigan Chapter of the North Country Trail Association. We hope to make progress on projects started in previous years and get started on some new ones.

The highlights:

  • Continue working on routes north and south out of Lowell and the remaining gaps in the Huron-Manistee National Forest.

  • Fill out the landowner contact team by recruiting members to join the volunteers who have already expressed interest in participating.

  • Complete the inventory of trail crossings on local roads in Kent and Newaygo Counties, determine signage needs, and seek approval from county road commissions to erect or improve signs pointing to the North Country National Scenic Trail.

  • Look for and begin implementation of enhancements to the Manistee NF section of trail to increase Newaygo County attraction to backpackers. Consider spur trails to Minnie Pond and the Muskegon River, and perhaps others, along with signage noting distances between key landmarks.

  • Continue trail construction and maintenance activities to high standards.

  • Finish currently scheduled improvements to the schoolhouse - including interior painting, ceiling repair, siding repair, and more - and evaluate further needs.

  • Partner with the Boy Scouts who have expressed an interest in earning Eagle rank to design and build information kiosks at selected trail heads and to improve existing ones. Development of standard information for our kiosks is desirable and could use an experienced graphic artist.

  • Restart the membership maintenance program.

  • Continue to grow participation in chapter activities.

  • Schedule hikes with both the hard-core hiker and the recreational hiker in mind.

  • Continue to build collaborative working relationships with Michigan's Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and the U.S. Forest Service.

"... that all seems like a lot for one year but entirely possible if we could engage 50 percent new blood ..." - Paul Haan (WMI Trail Manager)

Will you participate? Ready to roll up your sleeves? If you are, contact the leaders of our primary activities and volunteer your services. Their phone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found at the top of this page.

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