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2014 Calendar of Events

The information listed in this calendar is our best assesment of what we hope to accomplish this year. Some of the details are yet to be determined and things may change as the year progresses. It is always best to check our website for updates or reach the contact person of the event for any last minute changes.

Occasionally, outings have to be canceled because of unexpected events. Outing leaders strongly urge you to sign up for all events using the e-mail links provided in each event, or phone number if you do not have e-mail, so that you can be notified in the event that plans change.

2014 Calendar
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The following map highlights some common locations used in Chapter Events. Click here for an interactive map including links to named locations, point to point driving directions, etc.
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Saturday, October 11th - Trail Work, White River area

Begin framing a replacement bridge north of the White river by digging holes in the water for piles and building the frame. Also tend to miscellaneous clean-up in Newaygo County, including building flat tread on a short re-route.

For further details, contact Paul Haan at phaan@me.com or (616) 734-9443.

Saturday, October 25th - Trail Work, Rogue River State Game Area

Small crew needed to frame bridge and small boardwalk in the Rogue River SGA. Additional hands will be needed for a short time in the morning to help tote in materials. This is a good chance for the busy person to help for an hour or so.

For further details, contact Paul Haan at phaan@me.com or (616) 734-9443.


Saturday, November 1st - Trail Work, Rogue River State Game Area

Deck bridges at the Rogue River SGA and near the White River, provided the weather cooperates and the other Oct. dates are successful.

For further details, contact Paul Haan at phaan@me.com or (616) 734-9443.


There are no currently chapter events scheduled for this month.

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