The North Country Trail is America's longest National Scenic Trail stretching 4,600 miles from New York to North Dakota linking 7 states, 10 National Forests, and more than 150 public lands providing year around recreational opportunities. In Michigan, there are about 1150 miles of the NCT; about 750 in Lower Michigan and 450 in the Upper Peninsula. The Peter Wolfe Chapter has about 120 miles of trail stretching from M64 in the West to East of US41 at Long Lake in the East.
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We would like to encourage all trail users, both hikers and volunteers, to fill out this medical form and carry it in your personal pack while hiking:
Emergency Medical Information Form
- Fill out and print; or print and fill out by hand.

Please click here to report your volunteer hours!

Please join the PWC on a hike Sunday, August 17 on our segment 30: We will be hiking a three-mile stretch of trail heading eastward from the Forest Road 1100 trailhead south of Rousseau. A car shuttle has been devised to take hikers back to the trailhead.
Meet at the western end of the Copper Country Mall parking lot at noon to carpool. Or meet up with us at the Forest Road 1100 trailhead. We should be there by 1:15pm EST.
The trail section is located near Bob Lake, where picnic facilities are available.
See you on the trail!
Hike to be lead by, Dan Schneider
President, Peter Wolfe Chapter NCTA.

Some PWC Trail issues of Note:

There are sections of our trail that have been marked for logging and the trees that are marked to be cut have been painted with the exact same blue color as the NCT Blue Blazes!! (usually several stripes per tree) So be very careful to look for the 2 inch by 6 inch vertical paint or plastic blazes! We have done our best to make the trail obvious when we have found these tree markings this spring, but there may be some places we have not discovered yet.

 If you plan on driving to the Tibbets Falls Trailhead for a hike into Tibbets Falls, please note: The Tibbets Falls bridge on the Baraga Plains Rd is "closed" due to road reconstruction just south of the bridge, you will have to come to the trailhead from the North until about the END of AUGUST as per the County Road Comm.

Featured link: Options for winter hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing

2014 News:

PWC Board meeting January 28, 7pm AA home
PWC Board meeting March 6, 7pm Nara Chalet
PWC Board meeting April 17, 7pm Nara Chalet
Annual membership meeting May 22nd, 7pm Nara Chalet
PWC Volunteer Training June 7th, O Kun de Kun parking lot, US45 training on Seg 21
June 8th, Big Lake Hike, Seg 52
PWC Board meeting June 19, 6pm Nara Chalet
Volunteer Blaze Training Sunday July 13, 10am-1pm, seg 21
PWC Invites the public to hike July 19, 10:30am EDT on Segments 36 & 37
The PWC will have Volunteer Training
on Sunday, July 13, 2014 from 10am-1pm EDT.
Arlyn will be training us on Blue Blaze Painting on Segment 21. 
Meet at 10am at the O Kun de Kun parking lot on US45.
This will be a blaze painting session
which we encourage all adopters and other trail volunteers to join!  Contact Arlyn

The public is invited to join us on a 3 mile hike on Saturday, July 19th! Details of the hike with maps and directions can be found here (scroll down below the map for directions). Please consider printing a copy of this poster and putting it up on a bulletin board near you announcing this hike! See you on the 19th at 10:30am EDT!

PWC board meeting Tuesday, July 29, 2014 at 7pm at the Lion's Club chalet in Greenland (Ontonagon County Fair Grounds) starting with potluck at 6pm. Please join us!

The PWC Maintenance Committee will be meeting Wednesday, August 6 at the home of Comm Chair, Arlyn's home in Houghton. Starting with a potluck at 6pm. All are welcome!!  Email Arlyn for directions!

2013 News:

Volunteer Adventure a success!
About a half a mile of high-quality trail was built on Bill Lynch's property southeast of Herman in Baraga County.  It's a key link in an east-west route to connect existing trail at Canyon Falls Rest Area and NCT Hikers Club Chapter trail at Long Lake outlet.
We had a beautiful campsite on Little Spruce Lake, and our chef John Forslin had all of our meals ready for us before we left each day and when we got back.  John stayed in camp and made trips to town for food and water, and was visited in camp one day by a bull moose!
More trail needs to be built, and we'll use the campsite for short overnight work trips or another VA.


Peter Wolfe
was the first to thru-walk
the NCT, finishing in 1980.

Peter later came back and made his home right here
near Mass City.

Scott Holman wins NCTA Outstanding Private Landowner of the Year Award for 2013

Scott received this award for exemplary cooperation with our chapter to provide a new and critical link in the NCT in Baraga County.  He not only allowed the trail to cross his land, but cut some trees on his land to help supply needed decking and stringers for a 156-ft. bridge.  More details are in the July-Sept. 2013 North Star.


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