The North Country Trail is America's longest National Scenic Trail stretching 4,600 miles from New York to North Dakota linking 7 states, 10 National Forests, and more than 150 public lands providing year around recreational opportunities. In Michigan, there are about 1150 miles of the NCT; about 750 in Lower Michigan and 450 in the Upper Peninsula. The Peter Wolfe Chapter has about 120 miles of trail stretching from M64 in the West to East of US41 at Long Lake near the Craig Lake Forest.
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We would like to encourage all trail users, both hikers and volunteers, to fill out this medical form and carry it in your personal pack while hiking:
Emergency Medical Information Form
- Fill out and print; or print and fill out by hand.

Please click here to report your volunteer hours directly to NCTA! Hours are collected by NCTA HQ.

The next PWC board meeting will be Thursday, March 19th at at 6pm at the Nara Chalet in Houghton.

The Peter Wolfe Chapter Annual General Membership meeting will be
Monday, May 4th at 7pm in Houghton

with guest speaker from Plum Creek Timberlands.
Public Welcome!!
If you are interested in joining the PWC,
or serving on the Board of the chapter,
please contact us!!!

We will have our PWC spring quarter board meeting on Thursday, March 19, starting at 6pm in the Nara Chalet, on US41 south of Michigan Tech Univ in Houghton.
All are welcome!

Some PWC Trail issues of Note:

* The DNR was having some logging done on the east side of segment 49 this Fall in the Baraga Plains, so be cautious in that small area, they already logged the west side of seg 49. You could just walk on the Big Lake Campground road a little over a mile to the next place the NCT crosses the road to avoid that logged section altogether. 

* There are sections of our trail that have been marked for logging and the trees that are marked to be cut have been painted with the exact same blue color as the NCT Blue Blazes!! (usually several stripes per tree) So be very careful to look for the 2 inch by 6 inch vertical paint or plastic blazes! We have done our best to make the trail obvious when we have found these tree markings this season, but there may be some places we have not discovered yet.


Featured link: Options for winter hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing

2015 News and Events:

PWC board meetings on January 15, Thursday March 19,

The Peter Wolfe Chapter Annual General Membership meeting will be
Monday, May 4th at 7pm in Houghton
with guest speaker from Plum Creek Timberlands.
Public Welcome!!
If you are interested in joining the PWC,
or serving on the Board of the chapter,
please contact us!!!

PWC snowshoe hike Saturday January 31 at O Kun de Kun Falls, 2pm EST, hike leader Jason Oles of the Ottawa NF. Poster

The public is invited to join the Peter Wolfe Chapter for a snowshoe hike on the NCT on Saturday, January 31st. Meet at the O Kun de Kun Falls trailhead at 2pm EST. The trailhead is on the east side of US45, halfway between Rockland, Mi and Bruce Crossing, 6 miles south of M26. This is about a 3.5 mile round trip snowshoe to see two beautiful frozen water falls and a spectacular suspension bridge over the Baltimore River.
This is on PWC segment 22.
Google map here!
A high resolution copy of this hike poster for printing.
Bring water, snack and your friends!


2014 News and Events:

2014 Board and Meeting Activities: 

PWC board meetings on January 28, March 6, April 17, June 19, July 29, October 16.

General Membership meeting on May 22.

Maintenance Comm meetings March 13, August 6, 

June 7 and July 13 PWC Volunteer Blaze training on seg 21 lead by Arlyn
PWC HIKES: June 8, July 19, Aug 17, Sept 27:

June 8 PWC Hike in the Big Lake area, seg 52 lead by Doug Welker

July 16 Doug organized a meeting with NCTA, NPS, ONF, DNR. (summary of that meeting emailed to board by Dan S. on July 26th)

July 17 Superior Watershed organized a meeting with NPS in Marquette about crews for trail work next season.

July 19 PWC hike in seg 35-36 lead by Marj Johnston

May 28 and August 19 NCTA organized phone conference with chapters officers/board invited by NCTA to participate.

August 17 PWC hike on seg 30 lead by Dan Schneider

August 18- work began on the O Kun de Kun Falls gravel tread work by ONF on the first 200 feet starting from the trailhead off US45.

August 31 MTU Student Volunteer Day on Segment 40

Sept 27 PWC Hike in the Norwich Mine area, seg 10 lead by Dan S with Dr. Patrick Martin of MTU

October 2014: The Fall colors are absolutely beautiful now from late September to mid October, so hopefully you can get out there and hike some of the NCT!! All of our trails will be beautiful this season! We especially recommend the Trap Hills hikes in the PWC! You can see forever from the highest cliffs in Michigan from the Trap Hills! Another beautiful view that was still in peak colors on Oct 12, is Lookout Mtn off the Victoria Road; see links on the left for more info.

We will have our PWC fall quarter board meeting on Thursday, October 16, starting at 6pm in the Nara Chalet, on US41 south of Michigan Tech Univ in Houghton. We will have a featured speaker at this meeting, Jeff McCusker, the NCT trail Manager with the National Park Service! Jeff's talk on trail maintenance will begin at 7pm following the board meeting. All are welcome!





Peter Wolfe
was the first to thru-walk
the NCT, finishing in 1980.

Peter later came back and made his home right here
near Mass City.



PWC members, William Lynch, Barbara Manger Lynch and the Lux Foundation
were awarded the Blue Blaze Benefactor award for 2014 for "demonstrating vision and generosity through significant monetary or in-kind contributions to the NCT or NCTA"!

They fully funded the Matt Manger Lynch NCT Shelter on their property in the Eastern end of the Peter Wolfe Chapter trail and have made generous donations to the NCTA over the years.

Also in 2014:
 PWC member, Rolf Swanson, was given the
4,000 hour Presidentís Lifetime Service Pin in recognition of "15 years of true dedication, exceptional service and outstanding contributions towards the dream of the NCT".
PWC member, Dan Schneider will receive our Chapter Honor Award for 2014 "for an individual who demonstrates loyalty, commitment and hard work annually to the local organization's chosen activities".
PWC member, Connie Julien was awarded the 400 hour Recognition NPS - NCTA shirt in 2014.

PWC member, Scott Holman was awarded the NCTA Outstanding Private Landowner of the Year Award for 2013. Scott was instrumental in allowing the NCT trail and Plumbago Creek bridge to be built on his property.

Scott received this award for exemplary cooperation with our chapter to provide a new and critical link in the NCT in Baraga County.  He not only allowed the trail to cross his land, but cut some trees on his land to help supply needed decking and stringers for a 156-ft. bridge.  More details are in the July-Sept. 2013 North Star.

PWC member, Linda Zimmer was awarded the Annual Chapter Award in 2013 for joining in NCT work and gathering Baraga county people to help with the trails.

PWC member, Ted Soldan was awarded the Annual Chapter Award in 2012 for he and Alice; who made numerous signs for the NCT Baraga Plains area and help build and rebuilt the Oren Krumm NCT shelter.


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