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Mangum Road to 3 Miles West

of Sand River Road

Segment 6 Mangum Road to 3 Miles West of Sand River Road

Trail adopter(s): Eric Rehorst / 906-399-0269

Segment length: 4.7 miles
Last update: March 2016
On the trail:

Westbound: Start with a 100 foot of gravel road walk east on Mangum Rd to the trail leading north into the woods for 0.5 mile. The trail emerges out of the woods for another gravel road walk of 0.7 mile on Sand River Road before heading back into the woods for the remaining 3.45 mile to the west, including crossing the Sand River bridge, passing a farm house and finishing on an old road before ending at the RR grade.

Eastbound: From the RR grade the trail heads east along an old road then cuts into the woods past a farm and over the Sand River Bridge. Follow the trail south through the woods emerging out onto Sand River Road. Take a road walk on Sand River Road for 0.7 mile then cut back into the woods (west) for .5 mile. You will come out on Mangum Road. Walk approximately 100 feet west on Mangum to connect to Segment 5 Peter White to Mangum Road.

Previous segment: 5 - Peter White Road to Mangum Road
Next segment: 7 - RR Grade 3 miles west of Sand River to Kawbawgam Road

This segment begins on the south side of Mangum Road 0.20 miles west of the intersection of Mangum Rd and Sand River Rd. Walk 100 ft east on Mangum Rd then turn into the woods, heading north. Hike the trail for 0.5 miles at which point you will come out onto Sand River Road. Take Sand River Road north for 0.7 mile before heading west back into the woods on the trail. Continue on the trail for 0.68 miles. You will come out at the boat ramp for the Jeske Wildlife Flooding area. The trail picks up to the north into the woods for another 0.34 miles before emerging out onto Railroad Lane. Turn west, following the road across the Sand River Bridge. The trail follows the unimproved road to the west for 2.43 miles, ending at the west end of this segment just south of M-28. As you pass through, consider taking a turn towards Lakenenland Metal Sculpture Park just to the north (follow the signs and spur trail), The park is free and a nice attraction to enjoy. Except for the road connectors, this is a certified segment of NCT.

Vehicle access for Segment #7 is available from M-28 as follows:

  • 12.1 miles east of the intersection of M-28 and US-41 in Harvey – just east of the Sand River Bridge – take Sand River Rd south:

    • 0.7 miles. As Sand River Rd turns south, Railroad Lane goes straight west. Follow Railroad Lane for 0.5 miles where the NCT entry into the woods is on the south side of the road. There’s space to park a couple of vehicles near the bridge that crosses the Sand River on Railroad Lane. The NCT west follows this unimproved road from here to the next access point to the west.

    • 1.1 miles. Turn west onto a gravel driveway just south of a small bridge. There is a gray mailbox by the roadside. This seasonal drive leads into the DNR Jeske Wildlife Flooding boat ramp/parking area. Drive about 0.2 mile to the parking area, staying to the left at the Y. The trail going southeast is beside what was once a boat ramp approach. A blue NCT blaze on a post is easy to spot near the water. The NCT going northwest begins a short distance away from the post to the north. 

Note: There is no parking area at any of the following access points so pull your vehicle off the road as far as possible.

    • 1.5 miles. The trail goes into the woods here and heads north towards the Jeske Wildlife Flooding.

    • 2.2 miles. The trail goes into the woods here and heads south to Mangum Rd.

    • 2.7 miles to Mangum Rd. The trail goes into the woods to the north about 0.20 miles west of the corner

  • 8.65 miles east of the intersection of M-28 and US-41 in Harvey there is a seasonal drive to the south. (Note: Watch closely for this drive. Coming from the west on M-28 you will first see a drive marked “Owl” followed by one marked “D”. The next drive is the one you want. From the east, it is about 1.1 miles west of “Lakenenland” and “Shot Point”.) Depending upon the season, you can drive about 500 feet into this drive and park. The trail follows the old unimproved road to the east, not the old railroad grade, a snowmobile trail.

  • About 9.5 miles east of the intersection of M-28 and US-41 in Harvey is Lakenenland, a metal sculpture park, Feel free to park here and access the trail from the back of the park through a trail Tom Lakenen has built. And, while you are there, take the time to stroll through the sculpture park. It is all FREE for your enjoyment.

Note: The Jeske Wildlife Flooding has in recent years been drained almost completely. Much of this segment is a wet, buggy area. The middle segment, especially, has swampy stretches. That segment would best be traveled in fall or winter. If hiking it in spring or summer, one should be prepared with bug dope and bug-proof clothing or netting. A variety of ferns grow exuberantly in this segment. Bear sign is encountered, and sandhill cranes have been heard. The more northerly part is higher, with mixed 2nd-growth forest and shrubs, and the southerly part is old forest, with balsam, hemlock and yellow birch. 

There is major beaver dam flooding on the west end. Signs have been posted that reroute hikers to the RR grade that is just north of the trail. Take the RR grade for approximately 1/2 mile to miss the beaver dammed area. Note that during the snow season, the RR grade is a snowmobile trail. If the beaver area is frozen over, hikers can stay on the trail during winter months rather than take the reroute to the RR grade.


Click here for a full page map to print.


As you get out and hike this or any of our segments, please contact the trail adopter or Cliff Stammer (906-228-9897 / with reports of trail conditions, including blow-downs, washouts, and inadequate blazing.


Jan hiking her segment

Trail entrance on north side of Mangum Road

Marge GPSing southern most entrance to this segment

Trail entrance off Sand River Road

Lakenenland Sculpture Park accessible from this segment

Jan at the beaver re-route sign

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