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Images from Days of Yore:

Here are links to some older pictures posted in the early days of Chief Noonday's Web site:

September 2000:  Photo of Chief Noonday Chapter members who participated in the annual Mackinac Bridge Walk, Labor Day 2000.

October 2001:  The North Country National Scenic Trail suffered extensive storm damage in the vicinity of the Kellogg Forest.  “It was like walking through a gigantic game of jackstraws --- except that the straws were great, full grown trees,” Larry Hawkins reported.  A hard-working trail crew got the trail cleared and usable in a short amount of time.  Here's photographic evidence.

March 2002:  Photos of the Ott Preserve Bridge Dedication.

April 2002:  Photos of Chief Noonday's Grave headstone.

June 2002:  Press conference at Bridge Park on Conceptual Trail for Calhoun County.

June 2002:  Photos from a Nine Day Hike on the North Country National Scenic Trail (see above right).

August 2002:  Some miscellaneous photos from Chapter activities in the summer of 2002.

August 2003:  Photos, provided by Tom Funke, feature autumn scenes in Barry County and the Ott Preserve.

August 2003:  Photos from a workday on the Trail at Fort Custer, provided courtesy of Jeff Fleming.

December 2003:  These scenic photos from the Fort Custer National Cemetery area were provided by Charles Krammin.

February 2004:  Here are photos, supplied by Larry Hawkins, taken of the new trail kiosk erected at the Fort Custer National Cemetery.

May 2004:  Photos taken at the Dedication of the North Country National Scenic Trail at the Fort Custer Recreation Area.

Some undated pictures on the Trail featuring Augusta Creek and Kellogg Forest.


April 18, 2006

Chief Noonday Chapter is fortunate to have two chapter members actively involved with the national office of the NCTA. 

Jim Baldwin (left) manages operations at Lowell on a volunteer basis, putting his considerable business experience to good use enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the national office and organization.

Dave Cornell (right) has re-joined the NCTA Board as a two-year at-large member. 

Dave was interviewed by WWMT-TV, Channel 3 (Kalamazoo) on Thursday June 8th.  You could see the video clip on the WWMT-TV Web site.



June 7, 2006

LaVerne BeBeau passed away at home on June 7 after a long illness. 

We have a special page of reflections on LaVerne's life and his contributions to the Chapter and the North County National Scenic Trail, which can be accessed from our Photos page


June 19, 2006

Dave Cornell and Mick Hawkins accompanied an NCTA cartographer, Matt Rowbotham (below right), on a visit to our section of the North Country National Scenic Trail in the morning of June 19th. 

The plan was for Matt to utilize new equipment acquired by the national office to gather data on trailheads and significant mileposts on the Kalamazoo County section of the Trail.  This data would be incorporated into the GIS (Geographic Information System) database at the national office, where it could then be used for such purposes as printing out local section maps to post on our trailhead kiosks.

Unfortunately, after gathering data at the first two stops (including 39th Street -- right) Matt encountered some kind of system failure which prevented him from accessing GPS satellite data, and we were forced to give up for the day.

The project would be re-scheduled once the bugs were worked out.

Dave (left) took advantage of the opportunity to try out new trail blaze decals on the carsonite post at 39th street.  The decals will be used on the carsonite posts to replace the blue paint blazes, which, as can be seen in the picture, turn white after about a year.

June 24, 2006

We had a great turnout for our June workday, nine in all.  The work crew was anchored by Bob and Brenda Jones backed up by Larry Pio, Dave Cornell, Jeff Fleming, Tom Momenee, Larry and Mick Hawkins, and our latest addition, Melissa Schudel, hailing from Kalamazoo, who had her baptism of fire with the work crew.  Word has it she’s even coming back for more!

We met for breakfast at the Hastings Big Boy and convoyed out to the Peets Road trailhead where we divided up all the work materials, assigned kiosks, and went to work. 

We stained the kiosks at Peets Road, Bowen’s MIll Road, Yankee Springs Road north of M-179, the M-179 Chief Noonday Trailhead, McDonald Lake (which also involved a conversion and major repairs effected by Tom and Melissa), Hall Lake, and the two Norris Road/Yankee Springs Road kiosks.  Bob and Brenda finished up the kiosks at McKibben Road and Mullen Road, which happen to be near their home. 

This having been done, all the kiosks in the Barry State Game Area and the Yankee Springs Recreation Area will have been stained.  Tom Momenee has been tasked with revisiting the kiosks and putting the material back in.  As discussed at our last meeting, we will not be replacing the Plexiglas in the kiosks which have been shot up but will be laminating the material and putting “critter proof” chicken wire over it.

At the Norris Road/Yankee Springs Road trailhead we noted teeth marks on the roof assembly of one of the kiosks.  Evidently two-legged hunters aren't the only ones giving nefarious attention to our kiosks!

Meanwhile, down in Battle Creek at Historic Bridge Park, John Rudnicki and Ron Sootsman set up our work trailer and a display for Bridge DayTom Garnett joined them later in the day.  Larry and Mick Hawkins wandered in at the very end and deserve no credit for working, but we did get some valuable time in with Dennis Randolph and Annette Chapman of the Calhoun County Road Commission.  They are the administrators for the Calhoun County Parks. They are valuable partners with the NCTA as we go through Calhoun County, and there are exciting things for us in the foreseeable future.

Happy trails!

Larry Hawkins
President, Chief Noonday Chapter, NCTA

Webmaster note:  We have some pictures from both events posted on the Photos page.

June 24, 2006

For the benefit of everybody who lacks access to The Kalamazoo Gazette, the Saturday June 24th issue published an article by Carrie Moore, headlined A Little Help, a Whole Lot of Trail, on the Kalamazoo section of the North Country National Scenic Trail.  It emphasized the vital and much appreciated contributions of private landowner partners like Dr. Ron Hutchinson and his wife GraceLarry Hawkins and Dave Cornell of Chief Noonday were interviewed.  The actual article had a few pictures, map, and a little description of the NCTA and Chief Noonday Chapter in a sidebar.  (Click on the title to read the text of the article.)

July 17, 2006
Dave Cornell, John Morgan, and Mick Hawkins accompanied NCTA cartographer, Matt Rowbotham, on what was this time a more successful project of gathering GPS and site data than had been possible on June 19.

At that time Matt had experienced an equipment malfunction soon after the day's work had been underway, and we were forced to postpone the balance of the project.  Things went better today.

We visited the kiosks at the trailheads on Crane Road, on the Paul Henry Trail at the Middleville Stagecoach Park and the Irving ends, and the Peets Road and Bowens Mill Road trailheads. 

Our objective for these rounds was to obtain "You Are Here" maps for posting on these kiosks, as well as on kiosks at the Kellogg Biological Station and in Kellogg Forest.  Data for the Kellogg maps had been acquired by Matt on an earlier trip. 

Matt hopes to be able to bring the maps to us at our September Chapter meeting.

July 22, 2006
Another gorgeous day for work on the trail at Ft. Custer!  We got off to a minor rocky start when we discovered that Lakeside Cafe in Augusta was closed, but Dave Cornell scouted out a great alternative at Kare’s which was only 2 1/2 blocks away.

After a good breakfast where Tom Garnett stopped in to say Hi! on his way to a BCHS affair, we convoyed out to the work site.  We left Dave on his own (always a dangerous thing!) to stain kiosks at Hutchinson’s and the Fort Custer sites.

Steve Hicks, Larry Pio, Ron Sootsman, and Jim Heaton, whom we welcomed back from his Sierra Club adventures in the Adirondacks, took on the major willow tree that was blocking the pathway.  They cut a whole lot of wood before they opened that part of the path up as it was a very large tree.  They then moved on to do some more heavy clearing with chain saws and pulaski.

Larry Hawkins fired up the power weed wacker and began to cut away at the jungle beyond the downed tree.  It was so thick you couldn’t hardly find the puncheons.  John Morgan and Mick Hawkins worked along with loppers and pruning shears until we had a clear path cut through the wetlands to the hardwoods at the west end of the section.

After clearing the path, Larry, Larry & Steve, the administrative comedy team, planned out the puncheon extensions that we need to get done before the next wet season sets in.  We will probably save that until September when Steve is back in the pack.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Hawkins
President, Chief Noonday Chapter, NCTA

(The Webmaster apologizes for the fact that he was too busy stepping into hidden water holes to take pictures today....)

July 29, 2006
[Image: Jerry Pattok on the trail]We had a great turnout for the Summer Hikes at the Warner and Otis Sanctuaries.

A total of fourteen people took part -- in spite of predictions that the temps would reach into the 90's by noon. 

Hikemaster Jerry Pattok (right) did a fine job of leading the hike and, ever the educator, providing commentary and insight into the history, geology, and other features along the way. 

Participating in the hikes were Gordan Bennett, Charles and Verle Krammin, Ron Sootsman, Mick Hawkins, Glenda Specht, Marcia Mellen and her grandson Jude, Roxanne Potter, Tim Warren, Jan Crosby, John E Morgan, and John Rudnicki.

See the Photos page for pictures.


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