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Calhoun County Trailway

Here is a map or aerial image (your choice!) showing the Calhoun County Trailway in Emmett Township east of Battle Creek.  Mostly off-road trail, it runs between Emmett Street (near the Raymond Street intersection) and Historic Bridge Park.  It goes through the Ott Biological Preserve area and Kimball Pines County Park.

Completed in 2014, substantial portions of it are now shared by the North Country National Scenic Trail, as a result of some of the former NCNST connector trails and some sections in Kimball Pines being moved onto the CCT pathway.

By playing with the drop-down menus in the upper right corner of the map image you can

  • tone down the background layer to better visualize details on the ground, and

  • select whether the background layer is the World Topo map from ArcGIS (shown as default), or, among others, a Google terrain map, a satellite image, or a USGS topo map.  Scroll the image to the right if necessary to activate the background layer selection menu

You can also zoom in or out or drag the image to change the center point.

You can access a full-screen version of this map.

Be sure to check out our newer page and map covering the North Country Trail and Calhoun County Trailway network through Emmett Township.


Last modified: Friday, May 08, 2015