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▪ See our Trail Maps page which has links to new maps showing updated trail routing for the North Country Trail and the new Calhoun County Trailway in Emmett Township.

▪ See our new Trail Alerts page where we will post notices of Trail closures and hazards as they occur in Chief Noonday Chapter's tri-county section.

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And welcome to the North Country National Scenic Trail in southwestern Michigan.

Our chapter links trails from Barry County (just southeast of Grand Rapids), thru the northeast corner of Kalamazoo County, and then thru all of Calhoun County

Walk the Linear Pathway through the heart of the World's Cereal City, in Battle Creek.  Visit the exhibits in the Kellogg Forest and Kellogg Farms.  See and hear Trumpeter Swans at the world famous Kellogg Bird Sanctuary. 

Hike over lush farmland and tramp the back roads of a part of Michigan where there are so many lakes they are referred to by number. 

Sit on the benches and while away a few minutes or hours in the sleepy little villages of Augusta,  Delton, and Prairieville. 

Walk through miles of hardwood forest in the Barry State Game Area, the Yankee Springs Recreational Area, and the Middleville State Game Area.  Walk along what once was a busy railroad route along the Thornapple River — now the Paul Henry Thornapple Trail south of Middleville.

Whether you are taking an afternoon walk or a several-day hike, the North Country National Scenic Trail welcomes you!

If you would like to officially join our organization, please click here, or contact our chapter president, Larry Pio, by telephone at (269) 341-5964 or by e-mail at nalcoman1@aol.com.

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Battle Creek is the center of Chief Noonday's section of the Trail.  Our current hiking weather is shown below.  (If an error message is being displayed, the sponsoring site is experiencing technical trouble.)


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