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Chief Noonday Chapter Hiker Challenge 2012

The competition results are in for the Chief Noonday Chapter Hiker Challenge Cup, Version 2011. 

The basic challenge was to see who could hike the most new miles on the North Country Trail in 2011.  Miles on the Trail could only be counted once, and in one direction, for the year.

The rules      

1.    You must be a member of the Chief Noonday Chapter at some point during the year.   To become a member, go to the North Country Trail web site, select the type of membership you want, and pick “Chief Noonday Chapter” for your Chapter selection.

2.    Only North Country Trail miles can be counted.  (Our primary goal is to get people out to see different sections of the Trail.)

3.    Any segment can be counted only once during the year.  Even for Adopters.

4.    Cross country skiing is a legitimate mode of hiking.  After all, our goal is to get people on the Trail.

5.    If you use a wheelchair and can find someone to push you, that will count for both of you.  See the goal in item 4.

6.    Please don't wait until December 31 to submit all your miles to win the contest.  Please report your miles with a reasonable frequency, especially if you are one of the leaders.

7.    Report your miles and Trail segment ID to Larry Pio in person, or via email or by postal mail to: 

Larry Pio
2409 Woody Noll
Portage, MI  49002

A couple years ago we noted hikers doing over 200 miles of trail lifetime would be on the NCTA web site as being “Hikers of Note”.  In a Web site rebuild, that portion is no longer listed — but Joan Young is still maintaining the list on her North Country Trail News blog.  However, we will list Chief Noonday Hikers of Note on our Web site. 

Our award levels will be 200 miles, 500 miles, 1000 miles, 2000 miles, etc

In 2009 Ron Sootsman became a Chief Noonday Hiker of Note
.  Very likely there are several others who have accomplished this in the past.  Why not add your name to the list?


2012 Miles

Ron Sootsman 73.9
Mary Rebert 30.9
Mick Hawkins 29.9
Larry Pio 28.0
Steve Hicks 20.7
Jerry Phillips 17.6
Charles Krammin 15.2
Eunice Jennings 15.2
Bob Sulaski 14.0
Linda Sootsman 13.1
Ron Shavalier 8.2
Gwen Shavalier 8.2
Jeff Fleming 7.4
Jane Norton 7.0
Cal Lamoreaux 7.0
Larry Hawkins 6.2
Randy Brodbeck 3.2
Bob Cooley 3.0
Julie Nofs 2.2
Michael Nofs 2.2
Emelia Nofs 2.2
Owen Nofs 2.2
Sandra Yonkers 2.2
Jean Lamoreaux 2.0
Jason Buckner 2.0
Bill Bauman  
Mike Wilkey  
Linda Wilkey  
Eric Longman  
John Merry  
Andy Leonard  
Marcia Mellen  
Steven Sechrest  
Susan Bond  
Total miles in 2012 323.67
Everyone but Ron 249.79

(Updated 6/14/12)

Report your miles directly to Larry Pio, Challengemeister.

Volunteer Hours

You can "double your pleasure" by being a Trail Deputy as you hike!  Turn your Hiker Challenge miles into NPS Volunteer Hours by performing a useful inspection of the Trail segment you hike.  Then file the report with the chapter Trail maintenance coordinator. 

Click here for a printable copy of a report form you can turn in.  The form can be used anywhere along the Trail.  In Chief Noonday land, the trail maintenance coordinator is Jeff Fleming, Vice President for Trail Management.


The 2011 Hiker Challenge results are in!
Chief Noonday Hiker of Note, Ron Sootsman (left), receives the coveted 2011 Hiker Challenge Bowl from Larry Pio.  Ron now has ... a set of three Hiker Challenge Bowls!

Larry Pio, inventor and coordinator of Chief Noonday Chapter's Hiker Challenge program, has announced the Top Four participants in the 2011 Challenge:

First place:  Ron Sootsman — 341.6 miles
Second place:  Larry Pio — 114.0 miles
Third place:  Bill Bauman — 112.0 miles
Fourth place:  Mike Wilkey — 84.3 miles

The tally of miles put in by all participants is listed in the table to the right.

For the third year in a row, Ron Sootsman wins the Hiker Challenge Silver Bowl

The Top Four will also be awarded specially decked out L. L. Bean polo shirts bearing the Chief Noonday logo along with the Hiker Challenge 2010 label.

In addition, a drawing was held among all the remaining contenders, and Mick Hawkins was the winner of the drawing.  He too received one of the L. L. Bean award polos.

These recorded miles comprise mileage reported by the participants plus, in some cases, miles observed by Larry Pio himself.  It is possible, even likely, that these participants and others hiked miles on the Trail which are not included here because they were not reported or because they were walked in both directions or on more than one occasion on the same Trail sections.

Congratulations to all who took up the challenge!

2011 Miles

Ron Sootsman 341.6
Larry Pio 114.0
Bill Bauman 112.0
Mike Wilkey 84.3
Linda Sootsman 68.5
Mary Rebert 62.0
Linda Wilkey 57.5
Jeff Fleming 54.9
Jane Norton 53.8
Julie Nofs 37.9
Michael Nofs 37.9
Bob Sulaski 36.7
Mick Hawkins 34.2
Eric Longman 10.2
Steve Hicks 8.6
Cal Lamoreaux 7.6
Jean Lamoreaux 7.6
Charles Krammin 7.1
John Merry 6.4
Emelia Nofs 6.0
Owen Nofs 6.0
Andy Leonard 4.0
Marcia Mellen 4.0
Larry Hawkins 3.8
Steven Sechrest 3.3
Susan Bond 3.3
Total miles in 2011 1173.0
Everyone but Ron 831.4

(Updated 1/26/12)

Report your miles directly to Larry Pio, Challengemeister.

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