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Chief Noonday Chapter's Brochures

The Chief Noonday Chapter has published two brochures which provide general information about our Chapter, along with maps for hikes along our section of the North Country National Scenic Trail. 

New Outreach Brochures

Chief Noonday Chapter's Membership Committee has prepared a tri-fold outreach brochure that you can download and print on your home computer. 

The brochure presently comes in eight flavors:
●  One version includes maps of the Trail through Barry and Kalamazoo Counties
●  A second version features a map of the Calhoun County section.
●  The third version has a map of the Trail through Kalamazoo County.
●  The fourth version has a map of the Trail through south Barry County from the south county line at Kellogg Biological Station to the southern portion of the Barry State Game Area north of Mullen Road.
●  The map in the fifth version shows a track of the Trail through Yankee Springs Recreation Area and adjacent sections of the Barry State Game Area with a map background provided by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
●  A sixth version covers the Trail in north Barry County, from the north edge of the Yankee Springs Rec Area to the Barry/Kent county line, including the north portion of the Barry State Game Area, the Paul Henry Thornapple Trail section, Middleville, and the Middleville State Game Area.
●  A seventh version specific to Battle Creek and Emmett Township in Calhoun County features maps of the North Country National Scenic Trail along the Battle Creek Linear Park and through Emmett Township plus the proposed pathway for the Calhoun County Trailway Alliance.
●  An eighth version shows the eastern Calhoun County section from Historic Bridge Park to the Litchfield area in Hillsdale County.

Members are encouraged to keep a personal supply on hand to share with friends, family, local libraries and businesses, people you meet on the Trail, and any other interested parties.

One brochure offers maps for three hikes in Barry County and the upper portion of northwestern Kalamazoo County.  The other brochure features maps for three hikes in Calhoun County and the adjacent portion of Kalamazoo County.  

These brochures are being placed amongst other brochures you see in travel rest stops, libraries, sporting goods stores, and other locations that advertise the local and regional things to do and see.  

You can view the brochures by clicking on the cover illustrations (right) or the links below.  Each brochure is a two page (front & back) tri-fold after folding it in half -- a typical folding style for brochures.  

You can also print out small scale copies of the brochures on your computer printer.  When you click on Print in Adobe Reader, be sure to select the "Shrink to Printable Area" option for "Page Scaling".  This will print two pages of the brochure on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet, which will be reduced scale but still readable.

Note:  These are .pdf files.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view the brochures.  This software can be downloaded free of charge by clicking on the Download Adobe Acrobat Reader link below.   

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader        

Click here to view the BARRY-KALAMAZOO COUNTY brochure.

Click here to view the CALHOUN-KALAMAZOO COUNTY brochure.


If you want to save copies of the brochures onto your hard drive, there are a couple of ways to do it:


1)  Open a brochure in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Then click on File, then on Save as..., and designate the folder on your hard drive where you want to save it. 


2)  You can also download it directly from this Web page by right-clicking on either View link above, and Save target as... to the folder of your choice on your hard drive.

If you would like extra copies of the brochures for your own use or to distribute, contact Larry Pio, Tom Garnett, or the Webmaster.





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