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Trail Blazes and Markers

(Thanks goes to the Spirit of the Woods Chapter for most of this web page!)


Straight Ahead! Sharp Right Turn  Sharp Left Turn 

Trail goes straight:  Single blue rectangle (paint or metal)

Sharp right turn:  two blue rectangles, one on right is higher than the left one

Sharp left turn:  two blue rectangles, one on right is lower  than the left one

nct.gif (14369 bytes)

NCNST Triangle Emblem (certified trail)


Blue Blaze       

Can you spot the blue blaze on the tree?  (Click anywhere on the image for a hint.)

  carsonite pole

Sometimes you will see this. 

Why: The national standard for blazing the NCNST has been agreed upon to be painted rectangles in a light but bright blue. 

Paint: The paint selected is Nelson Boundary Marking Paint- blue. It is durable, formulated for use on trees, and it is lead-free. Where can you get the correct paint?  Make sure you choose Boundary paint.

How To:  See Blazing for Beginners by Bill Menke on the NCTA Web site.


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